Unlocking Marketing Data With OpenUp®

Marketers face the challenge of making sense of an ever increasing volume of information sources and cutting through the noise to deliver their product and marketing messages. Customer and product data held in different databases; the explosion of social media and online communication channels; the need to make product information easily discoverable and relevant to customers, all need to be addressed.

Properly structured information can enable a more joined up view of customer data and deliver more targeted product information faster to a wider audience.

The TSO OpenUp® Solution

Our expert OpenUp® solutions have been developed to unlock the value in organisations’ data. The robust platform uses a range of techniques to capture, enrich and deliver information to make it more flexible, precise and meaningful. Depending on a client’s specific needs, these techniques may include:

  • Harvesting - gathering data from multiple sources and formats
  • Enriching - extracting and labelling information, to enable accurate interrogation and sharing
  • Storing - providing a foundation of data available for future growth and further interrogation
  • Visualisation - to bring the information to life
  • Data publishing – through websites and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to reach a wider audience


Where customer, product and market data is held in different databases, OpenUp® tools can harvest and link that data to enable queries that will make business information more effective. Unlocking this information provides a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, making connections that would otherwise remain hidden and as a result, generating valuable insight.


OpenUp® enables product data to be released to third parties who can share this information with their audiences. TSO creates Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which enables trusted third parties, such as social media websites, to reuse product information effectively with their own information, making it more relevant for their customers, so the data becomes more useful and broadens reach.


By enriching and adding meaning to data, content becomes more relevant to customers and easier to find. Searches on websites and through search engines become more powerful, connecting customers with the information they really need. In Google’s quest to make search content richer, it encourages site owners to mark up their information in this way for its searches.


  • Provides a better understanding of business and customer information to inform product and market development
  • Relevant information reaches a wider audience by opening it up and connecting customers through the online channels they use
  • Customers find the product information they need faster through online search and that information is more refined to their specifications.

For more information about the Data Enrichment Serviceopens in a new window and to see for yourself how our solutions can add meaning to data, try the demonstrationopens in a new window.