Unlocking data

Unlocking data

Semantic web developments are changing the way we manage information and what we can do with data.

TSO’s OpenUp®platform provides tools and services to help manage and transform data to deliver improved transparency and continuity, add meaning to data and publish in different formats.

We transform data in three stages:


Our experts create tools and processes that will capture content in the most appropriate and efficient way, depending on the nature of the data to be captured, the number of users capturing the data and their skill set. We can also harvest existing data from the web or supplied files.


We use text engineering techniques to convert to linked, machine readable formats and add meaning to data. Our Data Enrichment Serviceopens in new window has been developed to automatically enrich your content and extract information from it, enabling it to be converted into linked formats.


We provide a scalable, secure environment for hosting data, making it easy for publishers and developers to build the next generation of semantic web applications. We can build and host websites to engage with end users and support developers in accessing the data by creating APIs to extract data.  

We are particularly expert in publishing regularly updated, fine-grained data and our managed data publishing service provides an end to end approach ensuring streamlined, reliable processes that enable simultaneous web publication in many different data formats.