Williams Lea – Print vendor partner for Government

About the Government print contract

In July 2011 Williams Leaopens in new window was appointed as Managed Service Provider for print and print management services to central Government.

The contract, managed by Government Procurement Services, is available to all central Government departments and promises to deliver cashable savings through a transparent cost model; provide intelligent and accurate MI; and provide transformational solutions.

Williams Lea, the largest print buyer in the UK, won the contract following a highly competitive process designed to identify a strategic partner to help HMRC and central Government departments move away from a tactical print model.

Our vision is to deliver a best-in-class value for money solution that supports the delivery of efficient and effective communications.

Government clients

The available services are listed in PVP Contract Services opens in new window

To find out more about how you can use the contract and the benefits it offers contact PVP.information@williamslea.com

Print suppliers

To find out about our Supplier Charter and how you can become an approved supplier contact suppliertogovernment@williamslea.com