Government Digital Services Framework

TSO is delighted to be awarded a place on the Digital Services Framework, providing digital capability to help design, build and deliver government digital services.

Capabilities available

The following TSO digital services can be procured through the Government Procurement Service (GPS) Digital Services Framework in an agile way:

■   Software engineering and ongoing support – Skilled developers ensuring that code is written, tested, adapted, maintained and supported in an efficient and transparent way and continually improving services by identifying new tools and techniques.

■   Content design and development – Writing and presenting content in the most usable and user-friendly way to make user journeys clear.

■   User research – Qualitative and quantitative research to understand the appetite for a service and to inform the features of a service.

The following roles can be procured from TSO through the Digital Services Framework:

■   Developer (Junior and Senior)

■   Technical Architect (Junior and Senior)

■   Content designer (Junior and Senior)

■   Researcher (Junior and Senior)

The roles are available across all regional locations and all Agile project phases: Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live.

About the digital services framework

Digital Services is a dynamic style framework with the specific aim of helping the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital services using an agile approach, by procuring the appropriate capability, (people resource) to deliver agile software development. The framework is based on the approach detailed in the Government Service Design Manual and complying with the Digital by Default Standard.

All public sector organisations can use the framework.

Buyers can either contract with suppliers for individual roles to join their existing digital teams, or create entire digital teams to work on a project.

The Digital Services Store contains all of the suppliers, the digital capabilities and roles offered, and the day rate pricing. A buyer can browse and filter suppliers based on location, capability, roles, and technologies they work with, and then create a shortlist of suppliers to contact for more information about how they would approach a specific project.

If you can make an evaluation from the Digital Store catalogue information alone, and that is fit for purpose for your needs, you can make a direct award to a supplier. Alternatively your requirements may benefit from a further competition process. GPS has set out an easy six step process. For full details see the Buyers Guide

Advantages of using the framework

Advantages of using the Digital Services framework and an agile approach include:

■   It’s faster

■   Procurements are cheaper

■   It provides flexibility to cope with change as a Digital Service develops

■   The services can be significantly cheaper

■   It provides a diverse supplier range assessed against specific Digital capabilities

■   The framework is re-tendered on a regular basis so contains the latest services and suppliers

■   You can see prices, government terms and services up front

■   There’s no “lock-in”

■   There’s no need for an OJEU

■   No need for contract negotiation

About GPS

Government Procurement Service (GPS) is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office. It plays a vital role helping to protect front line services, delivering savings through its aggregated procurement solutions and managed services. In 2012-13 GPS delivered savings of £1.2bn against a managed spend of £11.4bn.