Thought leadership

Here you can find resources providing information on new developments and issues relevant to our clients.

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Transforming Public Services

In this booklet we look at eight topics that will help to transform public services and increase efficiency including: unlocking and enriching data; joining up processes; enabling the re-use of information and creating new mobile channels.

Find out about Linked Data

TSO's semantic experts are spreading the word about the great work they have already done to support clients, taking the time to explain in simple terms what Linked Data is and how they can help organisations enjoy the benefits of Linked Data.

  Watch Richard Goodwin present about the benefits of Linked Data in his Organograms Case study filmed at SemTechBiz 2012

  Hear more about Linked Data and how it can be used to help organisations

TSO's OpenUp® awards

In March 2011 the year-long hunt for the best idea for opening up public data culminated in TSO's OpenUp® event in London with expert speakers and a high profile panel of judges. You can view the news report from the event and the seminar sessions here.

  View the OpenUp event news report

  View the seminar sessions from the event

Sustainable semantic publishing

All organisations can benefit from using semantic technology to unlock the value in their data. Find out how TSO publish daily updates in multiple data formats, including XML and RDF, and have developed a collection of scalable and resilient integrated services which help to capture, transform and deliver data.

Opening up legislation for re-use out how TSO worked with The National Archives to develop, creating an integrated service that simplifies access to legislation and provides full access to the statute book as open data.

Public Data Transparency

Information managementFind out how TSO can help government organisations to open up data to improve transparency and re-use with our dedicated OpenUp® data publishing platform.


Reducing cost and increasing efficiency through information management

Information managementFind out how TSO and Williams Lea can help you to achieve your information management targets and learn more about our solutions for the internal and external management of your printed and digital information.

Delivering codes of practice to the people who need them

Codes of practiceCodes of practice and regulatory guidance are vital documents, which need to be easily accessible for end users in multiple formats. Find out how TSO's publishing experts can work with you at every stage of the process, reducing your costs, maximising efficiency and sustainability and ensuring that your guidance reaches those who need it.

The environmental impact of print

environment Environmental sustainability is increasingly important for organisations within the public and private sectors. Find out about the steps you can take to reduce the environmental impacts of your communications and discover how TSO is reducing the greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the publications we produce for one of our key clients.