Data Enrichment Service (DES)

What is the Data Enrichment Service?

The Data Enrichment Service (DES) is a web-based scalable information system build on top of the GATE framework. It allows bespoke processing of data, but it can also be used in conjunction with the core DES enrichment system, which provides continually improving entity extraction.

If you are handling mainly unstructured text that you know has information hidden away inside it, then the Data Enrichment Service available within the OpenUp® platform will help you to get at that information. It does this by ‘extracting’ useful items of information, such as people's names, organisations or places. The extracted information can be made available in a variety of formats to suit the requirements of the user.

One of the formats that is available is RDF/XML. This information can then be stored in the RDF store making it available for querying. The combination of extraction and RDF store provides a powerful approach to maximising the information potential of documents.

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How can the DES help me and my organisation?

The Data Enrichment Service takes textual information from sources and adds value to the data, making it useful to other computer systems. The DES can benefit many different organisations that need to unlock valuable information from text. The purpose of the DES is two fold:

  1. To identify key elements within data and introduce machine-readable mark-up
  2. To relate the mark-up to other data sources and create Linked Data

Custom annotator development

The DES Starter is a generic annotator using data from a number of data sources with the aim of providing cross-domain entity extraction.

For clients needing to enrich data in a specific domain, TSO develops bespoke annotators suited to clients’ specific requirements, making use of customer or industry standard taxonomies and vocabularies.


The provenance DES ‘Starter’ implements is the current Open Provenance Model (OPMV). Depending on an organisation’s requirements, TSO can embed provenance into the outputs for your customer annotator if required. Currently, the DES is adding in provenance information for RDF/XML serialisations of documents. Provenance standards are currently still developing and the Data Enrichment Service will evolve to encompass any changes that occur.

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We have also produced three Information Sheets explaining what DES is and how it can help your organisation:

OpenUp® Information Sheet [197KB]opens in a new window

OpenUp® DES Information Sheet [224KB]opens in new window

OpenUp® Linked Data Solutions Information Sheet [194KB]opens in new window

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How can I access the DES?

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