The Gazette is an official public record and has for more than 350 years charted the UK’s history, officially and permanently recording important public information. First published in 1665, The Gazette has recorded over 2 million notices of significant historical events, including the Great Plague, the news of Wellington’s victory at Waterloo, and most recently, the birth of Prince George of Cambridge.

Initially publishing news for the Crown, The Gazette became the official notice board of the government. Its official records including despatches and details of military appointments and promotions, important financial, public and legal notices, and the royal new year and birthday honours lists.

Today, over 200,000 notices are published each year in The Gazette, and this trusted information is used on a daily basis by a wide range of people and organisations, including genealogists, historians, banks and legal professionals, and members of the general public.

The challenge

As an official public record, information – whether State, military, government or financial and legal - published in The Gazette is placed permanently on the public record and in the public domain. In addition, as information may be used as evidence in a court of law, it is essential a robust provenance and audit trail is in place.

Our challenge has been to transform The Gazette from a printed publication to an online service that truly delivers the requirements of official publishing in a digital age.

The solution

Underpinning the digital transformation of The Gazette is a ground breaking technical platform that delivers significant new functionality and tools. This was combined with extensive user testing ensuring the service met users’ needs and is clear and easy to use.

Due to the scale of this technically challenging redevelopment, an Agile project management approach was taken to ensure the project was successfully delivered.

The Gazette platform is now based on Open Data and Open Standards allowing simple access to notices and the data they contain for interrogation and re-use.

The website is underpinned by an open RESTful API and uses TSO’s proven data capture and transformation and enrichment technology to deliver a single, authoritative source of information that is freely available for use and re-use. The API enables a wider range of channels for submission and dissemination including integration with case management systems for submitters and delivery through social media channels, customisable data feeds and apps, enabling third parties to re-use content.

TSO has implemented a programme of business development and marketing, including a refreshed brand, to engage with new and existing customers and encourage increased notice submission and information use.

TSO service mix

  • Multi-format publishing
  • Managed service
  • Web design
  • Content management system
  • Investment in technology and data applications including
  • XML and RDF repositories
  • Enrichment of Gazette data
  • Linking of Gazette data with other datasets
  • Exposure of the key facts of The Gazette notices as data
  • Facetted search
  • Development of mobile apps
  • Integration with social media


The result

  • Rebranded and repositioned The Gazette as a modern digital service
  • Delivery of a new technology platform enabling new and improved services to be delivered to each market sector
  • Development of new flexible data feed services
  • Delivery of the open API to enable free data use and re-use
  • Enrichment of the archive to ensure greater discoverability
  • Excellent customer feedback, including
  • “….it’s futuristic, it’s modern….”
  • “…I am overwhelmed by the ease of searching from this website”
  • “The Gazette today has hit on everything that’s needed in the future”