Reaping the benefits of Linked Data - Organograms case study filmed at SemTechBiz

The following films capture Richard's presentation, read further details in his blog 'The Cabinet Office Organograms project'.opens in new window

Organogram video Part 1Part 1
Shifting linked Data from technology department to the boardroom

Richard fundamentally believes to move from technology department to the boardroom, four criteria must be satisfied...

Part 2
Demonstrating the benefits to government and citizens

Richard tells the story of the Civil Service Yearbook (CSYB) and how it became the precursor of the Organograms project, explaining the benefits of Linked Data project, an outcome that is cost-effective and scalable with negligible incremental costs.


Part 3
Keeping users right at the heart of the project

Richard explains the achievements of the Organograms project rolling out from 200 to 400 organisations, enabling regular updates and outputs that are both machine and human readable.

Part 4Part 4 Challenges

Richard walks through the challenges of Government organisation, standardisation and inevitable differences as a result of its size, dealing with the varied grading structure.


Part 5Part 5 Successes and Learnings
Successes and Learnings

For the Linked Data solution to increase in value over time, Richard shows how TSO deals with the various iterations of data, creating a visualisation
that shows the changes over time. He sums up the project outlining success criteria, learning and outcomes..