Making complex regulatory information easier to use online

Friday, 23 October 2015, 08:30.

Williams Lea has been providing outsourced communications supply chain solutions to financial services and legal firms for many years and there is a natural fit between our experience in publishing complex regulatory information for government and public sector organisations and providing services to the financial services and legal organisations that use the information.

We were delighted that our specialist publishing division, TSO, was chosen to help the FCA to develop the new FCA Handbook website. It’s been a true collaboration between the FCA and TSO to create what we believe is an exemplary platform for users to access the FCA’s regulatory information.

What has made the real difference is the user-focused research at the start of the project to understand how people wanted to navigate through and use the FCA rules and guidance. From this understanding our talented technical team built the functionality that makes it easier to navigate and interact with the FCA Handbook online.

The new website has:

■   A cleaner layout and simple navigation

■   A timeline that shows when rules changed

■   An option to add favourites so that users can build their own tailored Handbook

■   Improved search functionality

■   Glossary definitions displayed in a pop-up window

We’re proud of the feedback that the site has received as a result.

“I noticed the Handbook had a fresh new look and was hugely easier to navigate”

“This new handbook website is a distinct and major improvement on the former offering”

“I look forward to further developments"

But this is only the beginning and we are looking forward to continuing to work with the FCA to evolve the site in line with user needs and to create new products to meet the needs of those working in and regulated by the financial services industry.

To find out more you can join the Digital Leaders webinar on 27 October 2015

It will be of interest to anyone needing to make complex information more usable online as well as users of the FCA Handbook. You can register here: